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The Other Dog Walker

'taking the lead with no time to paws'

What We Offer


We provide group walks for well adjusted, sociable dogs so that your dog or dogs can be walked for an hour on or off lead as part of that group, in various popular green spaces across town or by the sea, where they'll be free to enjoy a dip, run, play, socialise with other dogs and explore.

But we don't just walk your dog.

Because we recognise that every dog is an individual, The Other Dog Walker aims to provide for each dog individually. So whether that's playing fetch, swimming or indeed walking, we will ensure there are opportunities for them to do what makes them happy and fulfilled dogs whenever possible.

This way there is a better chance that your dog receives individual attention as much as is possible in a way that suits your dog's likes and needs and ensures they are returned home happy and appropriately exercised and ready for a nap.

Home Visits

We provide a dog visiting service to your home should you require that your pet is fed, watered, and given some company for example.

Perhaps you may require your dog is let out to your garden, or given a short walk whilst you are away.

Or maybe you have a puppy that has particular requirements in preparation for it's pending first steps into the outside world.

Each visit will include ensuring your property is secured and can include bringing in your mail, turning on or off lights and giving the appearance that your property is occupied for example.

Visits can be provided up to two times a day at a minimum of half an hour for each visit.

Home Sitting

If you require that your dogs need more attention should you be away for more than one day, perhaps because you are taking a well deserved holiday away for example, we can offer a dog sitting service for overnight stays for your dogs in your home, providing an alternative to standard boarding.

The reason for this is that we at The Other Dog Walker believe that your dog or dogs will be happier and much more comfortable, confident and content being able to remain in their own home rather than an unfamiliar environment whilst you are away, as we believe it will keep the stress, worry and anxiety for both yourself and your dog or dogs to a minimum.

A home sitting would mean that a visit to your home would be made up to twice a day; once in the morning where we would provide a walk, play time, some company and other requirements for your dog or dogs, like feeding or medications for example, specific to you and your dogs' requirements, and then the same again in the afternoon. 

A visit would be made again in the evening to spend the night at your home, which would help keep your home secure and continue to provide your dogs with company and interaction and also help them to keep as close to their usual daily routine as possible.