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The Other Dog Walker

'taking the lead with no time to paws'

Who Is The Other Dog Walker?

As you have found youself here, Iet me introduce myself.

My name is Richard (that's me in the first photo in the gallery) and I created The Other Dog Walker in 2011. Based in the city of Portsmouth on the Hampshire coast I provide my services to customers in the Portsmouth and Southsea area.

I made the decision to start up my company after gaining what I considered to be valuable experience as a part time dog walker for nearly two years, which initially I chose to do to earn extra income whilst building my other business pursuit and passion as a landscape and portrait photographer.

Having grown up with dogs as family pets I have always found them to be the greatest companions that give so much if they are treated with kindness and respect. So during my time as a dog walker I soon came to realise that personally, it is actually a very rewarding vocation, and that the two pursuits could be incorporated and work well together to suit my lifestyle.

Within the first year of setting things up I had gained several valuable clients, which within such a competitive industry, gave me the drive, motivation and belief to keep on going with my id​eas. 

I hold dear a strong belief that this 'ever evolving creature' will continue to succeed and know I will always go out of my way to deliver a service worth remembering and that my customers value.

I hold a very steadfast and firm belief that my customer's needs are of the utmost importance (after all, they are the 'meat and and bones' of my success in this business), and I am committed to meeting those needs and setting a unique and high standard.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you a service that is second to none, and that you will not forget.....for all the right reasons.